Writing Contest


There shall be three (3) categories. For each category, there will be 1 Champion, 1 First Runner-Up and 1 Second Runner-Up.


A. Interesting Place in Dipolog

Under this category, the entrant may write about Dipolog, any of its attractions, any special and memorable place worth sharing, etc. The entrant must choose one specific place and write about that place. The main thrust of the article is to promote tourism in Dipolog or to give fresh insights about a specific place in Dipolog.

B. Inspiring Stories of Dipolognon(s)

Under this category, the entrant may write any inspiring stories about the life or experience of a Dipolognon or group of Dipolognons. That person(s) can be someone he knows or someone he looks up to. Fictitious stories are not allowed. The main thrust of the article is to inspire people about the real stories and experiences of others.

C. Living in Dipolog

Under this category, the entrant may write about culture, traditions, customs, events, festivals, aspirations and frustrations of Dipolognons. The article may also be on the way of life of students, residents, farmers, businessmen, employees, foreigners, etc. in Dipolog. Unlike the second category which focuses on individual or group of individuals, the topic under this category may be more general. The entrant must choose a specific topic related to living in Dipolog and expound on it. The main thrust of the article is to give readers a deeper insights on the way of life of Dipolognons.

  1. Entrant must choose, create and write a unique title on his article.
  2. There is no limit on the number of representatives per school. All entrants must be a bona fide student of the school he or she represents.
  3. No entry fee is required.
  4. There is no limit for entries. Entrants can submit as many articles and in as many categories their hearts desire. An entrant can win three times at the maximum, once on each category.
  5. Dipolog.com claims ALL copyrights to all submitted articles. As such, Dipolog.com may republish, reprint, share the articles in any form of media but with proper attribution to the author.
  6. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Violators will be exposed and disqualified.
  7. Submitted articles must be original and written in English, and must not been published in any other media forms.
  8. Proper use of words, grammar, punctuations and capitalizations of words must be observed.
  9. All articles must contain a minimum of 500 words and must not exceed 1,000 words.
  10. A limited number of charts or tables, if it is deemed helpful, may be used. The extensive use of footnotes and references normally associated with academic journals is not allowed. Furthermore, the article should be in a format that can be readily published online.
  11. All articles must be encoded.

    Font: Times New Roman
    Font Size: 12
    Spacing: Single space
    Paper Size: Letter (8.5” x 11”) with 1” margin on all sides
    Font Color: Black

  12. All articles must be written using the ‘third person’ point of view.
  13. All articles must have a connection with, and relevance to, Dipolog.
  14. Articles must be submitted together with the duly accomplished Entry Form. Fill up the entry form at: dipolog.com/writing-contest
  15. Each entry must have a cover page with the title of the work, the author's name, the school he or she represents, full mailing address, contact number and an email address. But in order to facilitate fair judging, subsequent pages must only carry the title, page number and not the author’s name. Failure to comply will automatically mean disqualification.
  16. All entries are considered final upon submission. No revisions are accepted.
  17. Judges’ decisions are irrevocable, final and executory. However, should there be any charges of plagiarism for the winning articles, Team Dipolog.com reserves all rights to recover all prizes, actual and virtual, given to the winner. In such case, the rule of succession will apply. The entrant holding the second place will be declared champion, and so on.
  18. All winning articles will be published in Dipolog.com. At the discretion of Team Dipolog.com, any other well-written articles may also be published on the site but are subject to revisions, if deemed necessary.

Modes for submission of entries

  1. Participants must submit a soft/electronic copy of their articles in *.doc, *.docx or *.odt file extension format by uploading the copy of the written work at dipolog.com/writing-contest/. To be eligible for the competition and as proof of receipt, our system will send an email acknowledging the receipt of the entry. If you did not receive any confirmation message, it would mean that we did not receive your submission, and you have to try again. If the problem persists, please email us at admin@dipolog.com. Please give sufficient allowance for submission of entries as technical glitches are inevitable.
  2. Optional: You may also submit a hard copy of your articles but it must be accompanied by a soft/electronic copy to Dipolog.com Headquarter, 428 Echavez Street corner Lacaya Street, Brgy. Central, Dipolog City. Look for Hani Grace Ceprado or Cristen Mae Cordova.
  3. Deadline for all submissions is on November 25, 2013, 5:30 pm.


Judges will be looking for quality articles that are interesting, entertaining, inspiring, informative and worthy to be posted in Dipolog.com website for the whole world to read. Each article shall be read by 3 judges, and the following criteria shall be applied:
              Creativity & Originality - 40%
              Structure                    - 20%
              Content                      - 20%
              Grammar                    - 10%
             “Wow” Factor               - 10%

Description of Criteria

Creativity & Originality - 40%
We are looking for writers who display the ability to think “outside the box”, that is, those who can write something novel, unique, other than common discussions on the topic.
Does the article express ideas not commonly found elsewhere?
Does the article offer something unique and different?
Does the article show a lot of thought on the part of the writer?
Does the article make the reader think?

Structure - 20%
The way in which an article is organized and presented helps the reader easily understand what is written.
Is the article organized in an easily understandable way?
Is there a clear introduction, body and conclusion?

Content - 20%
The article must adhere to the given topic and must be relevant to Dipolog.
Does the article adhere to the topic and category?
Is the article relevant to Dipolog?

Grammar - 10%
An interesting article can easily be destroyed by wrong grammars and spellings. Although the content is king, it is necessary that the article be well written so as not to hinder the reader’s ability to understand the article.
Is the grammar of the article correct enough to make the article understandable?

“Wow!” factor - 10%
This portion is where points are awarded for exceptional feature article --- those that show the creative use of vocabulary, clever ideas, advanced English for the writer’s grade level, and so on.
Does this article “wow” the reader for one reason or another?


1. Cash prizes and medals

          a. High School
               P500 – Champion
               P300 – First Runner-Up
               P200 – Second Runner-Up
Since we have 3 categories, there will be 3 Champions, 3 First Runner-Ups and 3 Second Runner-Ups in the High School Level. An entrant may win thrice at the maximum, once in every category.
           b. College
               P500 – Champion
               P300 – First Runner-Up
               P200 – Second Runner-Up
Since we have 3 categories, there will be 3 Champions, 3 First Runner-Ups and 3 Second Runner-Ups in the College Level. An entrant may win thrice at the maximum, once in every category.

2. Certificate of Participation for all entrants. Names of all entrants will be published in a featured article in Dipolog.com.
3. Selected feature article entries may be published and featured in Dipolog.com for the whole world to read. The feature article authors will be properly attributed in the article.
4. Exceptional writers may receive job offers from Dipolog.com's on a part-time basis. Graduating students may be recruited to join the pool of Dipolog.com's elite writers on a full-time basis.

Winners will be announced on or before December 6, 2013 in an article to be published in Dipolog.com. We will inform the winners of the procedure on how to claim their prizes.

Entry Form

Dipolog.com Feature Writing Contest


Maximum size 10MB (Only .doc .docx & .odt)


Maximum size 10MB (Only .doc .docx & .odt)


Maximum size 10MB (Only .doc .docx & .odt)


Maximum size 10MB (Only .doc .docx & .odt)


Maximum size 10MB (Only .doc .docx & .odt)

* By submitting this entry form, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed on the rules and mechanics of the contest.

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