The Linabo Peak

By on February 22, 2014

the linabo peakDipolog City is one of the most peaceful, and beautiful city that can be found in the Philippines. Dipolog is known for its delicious, nutritious, and mouthwatering bottled sardines. That is why it is titled as the sardine capital of the Philippines.

It is also the home of one of the most famous tourist spot where not only the locals enjoy its one of a kind beauty but also the foreigners who come and visit, “The Stairway to Heaven” which is Mt. Linabo or better known as Linabo Peak. The 3003 Step Linabo Peak is one of the favorite ecotourism destinations in Dipolog City which is located at Sitio Dinginan, Barangay Lugdungan.

It was constructed in the early ‘90s by the city government of Dipolog and it quickly became one of its top tourist destinations. Standing 486 meters above sea level, the Linabo Peak is Dipolog’s highest elevation. There are fourteen stations along the way up to the top of the mountain and each station is punctuated by a cross which symbolizes Jesus Christ’s immolation for our salvation. At the peak, one can find a religious community chapel for prayer and meditation, a very facilitative spot for both quiet and seeking spirits which is a favorite retreat during Lenten season.

The local people in Mt. Linabo are very kind and well-mannered and will accommodate people wholeheartedly.

The attraction is at its maximum during the celebration of the Holy Week. Hundreds of faithful Christian and Catholic devotees would participate in the “Katkat Sakripisyo”, a religious re-enactment of the suffering of Jesus Christ on His way to the Cross. During that day, many people would sacrifice climbing up to the top of Mt. Linabo for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

It is also the time when lots of local vendors climb up to the mountain for business and livelihood. During this time, government and volunteer paramedics are always ready during this season to render assistance to those who are injured or in pain to the devotees. The concrete steps lead the way to the peak, passing through 14 Stations of the Cross.

Once on top, you get to see its stunning, eye bulging, vast and scenic horizon of the twin city of Dipolog and Dapitan. Outdoor enthusiasts would find great adventure along the hidden wonders of Linabo Peak. The hike to the top takes approximately an hour or two depending on your pace.  However, the concrete steps only cover the Stations of the Cross and not all the way to the peak of Mt. Linabo. You will have to climb further if you want to reach the top of Mt. Linabo. You get to experience a little bit of mountain climbing in order to get to the top.the scenery Linabo peak

You will pass through boulders but the scenery and the panoramic views around encourage you to continue the journey until you reached the top. Once you are on top, all the sweat is worth the stunning views especially at night which makes you feel like you are on top of the world seeing the twinkling colorful lights from the two cities of Dipolog and Dapitan.

You will find additional attraction at Linabo Peak brought about by the different species of fishes and colors cultured by the locals in small ponds thereat. The mountain has also a well preserved ecosystem which gave more attraction to it. Many people would go camping here especially during the celebration of the Lenten season which gives the locals an opportunity to engaged in a small business throughout the whole celebration because thousands of people would visit the place that would need food, water and even electronic loads.

If you are planning for a long hike towards the peak, get there early, bring with you lots and lots of water and food. Tips to first timers, if you plan to stay overnight, go there early and bring tents and mosquito repellants aside from lots of food and water to make your stay more fun and comfortable. Bring more friends and fun stuff, as they say “the more, the merrier”.

Of course mountain climbing or any stressful activity is not for everyone especially to those people who have heart and lung problems. But for those who are adventure seeker, I challenge you to try Linabo Peak and experience for yourself the adventure and wonderful views that the Linabo Peak can offer for you…

Come on… It’s more Fun in Dipolog City and its more Adventure at Linabo Peak…

(sic) John Michael Soriano                                                                                                                 Sicayab National High School                                                                                                                 2nd Place, Feature Writing                                                                                        Interesting Place in Dipolog category, High School level

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