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The Dipolog.com Community Forum exists in order to provide an avenue for residents and visitors of Dipolog to make friends, interact and discuss on various topics that interest them. However, proper decorum should always be observed to ensure that the topics being posted and discussed will be beneficial and productive among members. The rules and guidelines provided herein should be followed. Any members caught violating these rules and regulations would be sanctioned and even banned from this site without prior warning.

1. “Be Polite” rule should always be observed. Rudeness is intolerable. Unpleasant and disruptive members will be automatically banned from this site.

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8. Over discussions that may lead to disagreements between members are not allowed.

9. Do not post senseless comments. Comments should always relate the forum being started.

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12. For your security, posting of personal informations is discouraged.

13. Do not post anything in behalf of a banned member.

14. Dipolog.com’s moderators has the right to remove any posts, messages and other materials which they seem to be inappropriate.

15. Dipolog.com can terminate your membership if you breach or violate any of the foregoing rules. If the situation warrants a time out, a temporary ban will be imposed depending on the offense being made.


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Submission of Listings, Reviews & Comments

As you add your listing, comments or engaged in any activities in the site, you already agree to comply on the terms provided.

  • Dipolog.com reserves the right in its absolute discretion to edit, delete or move any  materials you have posted on the right place.

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  • Dipolog.com has the right to confirm from time to time of what you have published on the site.

All User Content must:

  • be complete, factual and accurate;

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  • We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of information you have provided in Dipolog.com.

You must not:

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