Ten things to do in Dipolog

By on June 26, 2013

Dipolog is a place where you can enjoy every bit of time and where fun never ends. Here are some of the best things you can do and enjoy while visiting the blessed Orchid City.

  1. Witness the magnificent view of the sunset at Dipolog Sunset Boulevard. A breathtaking experience in which one can witness the astonishingly display of beautiful colors during sunsets while enjoying the feel of fresh air and cold breeze from Sulu Sea.

  2. Meditate. Attend and listen to the word of God at the Holy Rosary Cathedral during Sundays.

  3. Test your strength and endurance by climbing up the Linabo Peak. The Linabo Peak features a 3003 steps going up the tip of the mountain where you can behold the wonderful sight of the entire city.

  4. Taste the city’s bestselling halo-halo. Traditional halo-halos (from Tagalog word “halo” or mix) are lurking in every city’s corner. Sold at an affordable price, with a taste like no other, this street food is a joy to savor.

  5. Buy fresh meats and seafoods at Dipolog Public Market. Clean and very accessible, the Dipolog Public Market is the place where you can find fresh fruits, meats, seafoods, and vegetables.

  6. Enjoy the black sandy beaches of Dipolog. While white sand beaches may be more popular, but Dipolog is proud of its serene black sandy beaches that have caught the attention of locals and visitors alike because of its inviting scenery and cool waters. The beach is best for skimboarding, beach soccer, volleyball, etc.

  7. Hunt bargain clothes at ukay-ukay. Dipolog is the place to hunt for fashionable clothes at affordable prices. Dipolog has a wide variety of ukay-ukay stores from boutique-ish types to the usual squat-shovel-hunt sorts. Use your charm and negotiating skills to bargain for lower prices.

  8. Have quiet walks at Plaza Magsaysay. Plaza Magsaysay is a place where you can relax and enjoy a true sanctuary within the city proper. In the plaza, you can observe Dipolognons move about in their daily lives and witness how students from nearby schools rehearse for their school presentations.

  9. Enjoy the city’s nightlife. The nightlife in Dipolog may not be fanciful but the memories that it bring to friends will remain forever. Experience the city’s no frills nighttime entertainment with its array of clubs and videoke bars that friends and barkadas can enjoy.

  10. Walk around the city. The best way to experience Dipolog is to walk around its clean and peaceful streets. Observe the people.  You will never know what good surprises await you.

The secret to having a good time in any place is ditching the maps and tour guides. Though it is a must to visit those tourist destinations being promoted, you must not skip going to undocumented places in order to have a real “feel” of the place. As the old cliche about travelling goes, “Don’t be like a tourist, be like a local.” Go where the locals go.

Photo courtesy of City Tourism Office


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