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Gonzalez Street, Dipolog City
(065) 212-4440

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday (8:00–5:00)

The Commission on Elections is mandated by the Constitution to impose, administer, and enforce all laws and regulations related to the conduct of regular and special elections, plebiscite, initiative, referendum and election recall.

To strengthen its independence, the COMELEC has been granted fiscal autonomy to enable the body to operate effectively, efficiently and free from political interference. The body is independent from the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government to ensure the conduct of free, fair and honest elections.

The City Commission on Elections Office is located along Gonzales Street, Dipolog City. It acts as the extension body of its national office. Its main functions include the enforcing and administering of laws and regulation relative to the conduct of elections and registrations. It also exercises exclusive original jurisdiction over all contests relating to the qualification of electoral candidate involving municipal and barangay officials, and any decision made is final and executory.

Further, the national office of the Commission on Elections, through the City COMELEC, also decides in the determination of the number and location of polling places and appointment of election officials for inspections. The City COMELEC has the right to officiate election officials and watchers to ensure a peaceful election.

Guidelines for qualifications and registration of new voters are under the supervision of the City COMELEC as set by the national office of the COMELEC.

As service to the community, the COMELEC prepares and submits a comprehensive report on the conduct of election, candidates, election places, officials, plebiscite, initiative, referendum and election recall. It performs recommendatory functions to minimize election spending including limitation of places where propaganda materials can be posted, and setting the period for election campaigns.

The COMELEC also officiates in the prevention and penalization of all forms of election fraud, offenses, malpractices and nuisance. It imposes disciplinary functions with sanctions on the termination to any electoral candidates, participants and voters causing violation or disobedience to the given directive orders, rules and regulations.

In addition to its primary task of election administration, the COMELEC also performs judicial, regulatory and administrative functions. Its judicial mandate consists in taking exclusive original jurisdiction over all contests relating to the elections, returns, and qualifications of all elective regional, provincial, and city officials, and appellate jurisdiction over all contests involving elective municipal officials decided by trial courts of general jurisdiction, or involving elective barangay officials decided by trial courts of limited jurisdiction. COMELEC has regulatory and administrative authority to decide on all questions affecting elections, including determination of the number and location of polling places, appointment of election officials and inspectors, and registration of voters.

The Commission has the power to propose to Congress measures to minimize election spending, including limitation of places where propaganda materials will be posted, and to prevent and penalize all forms of election frauds, offenses, malpractices, and nuisance candidacies. Likewise, it can recommend to the President the removal of any officer or employee it has deputized, or the imposition of any other disciplinary action, for violation or disregard of, or disobedience to, its directive, order, or decision. On its own, or upon verified complaint, the COMELEC can file petitions in court for inclusion or exclusion of voters and investigate/prosecute cases of violations of election laws, including acts or omissions constituting election frauds, offenses, and malpractices.

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