Dipolog, your home away from home

By on June 26, 2013


Dipolog City, dubbed as the Orchid City, is a place endowed with rich culture, tradition, and beliefs that are truly very Filipino. A place where nature’s beauty is abundant---ranging from diversified flora and fauna, pristine long stretch of serene beaches, to breathtaking sunsets.

Dipolog, geographically located along the coastline, has black powdery sand beaches, peaceful parks and magnificent landmarks. Above all, Dipolog’s real jewel, which she could be proud of, are her people, the Dipolognons. Dipolognons are known for being friendly, accommodating, and hospitable. These characteristics possessed by city folks makes Dipolog a warm place to visit in the Southern Philippines.

Though the city pales in comparison to the heavyweights like Metro Manila and Cebu, Dipolog has a unique bunch of contradictions. A bustling city by day, a tranquil place by night. Despite embracing and keeping up with modernity, Dipolog has surprisingly maintained its retro ambience wherein peace and unity reign, and respect towards men rules.

Dipolog is a stark contrast to the menacing image of Mindanao, given the low reported crimes in the city.

Dipolog is hailed as one of the cleanest city all over Mindanao, Philippines. Being a clean and green urbanized city is more than just a propaganda. In spite of urbanization, tall trees and beautiful flowers still grow around even near the city proper. Blue skies are visible and one can breathe fresh unpolluted air.  Dipolog’s clean and green surroundings promote her dweller’s good health and well-being.

What’s more advantageous about Dipolog is that everything you need are accessible. Service utilities such as the public market, bus station, stores, and other government and non-government facilities are just a stone-throw away from establishments to establishments. Hotels, restaurants, and the like are manned by competent and hospitable crews. When shopping in Dipolog, good customer service can be expected.

The cost of living in Dipolog is surprisingly low compared to other cities in the Philippines. Basic needs such as food, medicines and other commodities are sold cheap.

Dipolog is also a place where you can taste sumptuous homemade delicacies such as biko, puto-maya, dayok, and bagoong at affordable prices. If you don’t want to go far from the heart of the city, you can take your fill and burp to grilled foods at the barbecue stalls in Dipolog City Boulevard which the locals fondly call as “Mc-DukoDuko”. With its array of delicious grilled Filipino foods, it is the most popular place in the city to go to when looking for heavy and mouthwatering meals without boring holes in the pockets. If you are a health buff, try scouting the streets where you can find various fruits, or better yet pay Dipolog Public Market a visit so you can have a wider range of options. What’s best about doing these is the fact that you can hoard. Hoarding of perishable commodities is actually a timeless trend in the place. With the right charisma and friendly smiles you can get those nutritious foods cheaper than its actual price!

For a perfect place to retire, think nothing else but Dipolog, your home away from home.   Photo Courtesy of City Tourism Office


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    jaimer, July 1, 2013 2:10 pm - Dipolog, your home away from home

    mag jogging pud ko dre every day” kay daku nakog fatss… hehehe

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      helga olga, July 2, 2013 10:01 am - Dipolog, your home away from home

      mao jud ako sad mag jog nako dri din mag zumba!

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