Dipolog holds “Kilom-Kilom” Sunset Celebration

By on April 16, 2014

The sunset has been one of the most dramatic and natural demonstration of the colors and radiance of life that gives a deep sentiment and a mixture of emotions to any person. It builds a certain unbreakable bond between a person and his beloved, or brings back fond memories of his hometown. Any one can witness this scene for free at Dipolog City Boulevard every afternoon except on bad weather conditions.

This very reason led the local government to come up with the “Kilom-Kilom”: The Dipolog Sunset Celebration, an event solely dedicated to give praise and admiration to the sunset.

Several events are lined up for the “Kilom-Kilom” Sunset Celebration. The purposes of these events are to capture the eternal beauty of the sunset; to gather around the best artists in the different field of arts such as visual, musical, theatre, literary, traditional arts, photography and others; to showcase Dipolog City as one of the creative and entertainment hubs in the region; and to provide extra income and livelihood for the people in the locality.

The “Kilom-Kilom” will formally open with a program this coming Sunday, April 20, at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. On the following weekends, there will be arranged activities and events every Friday and Saturday afternoon for the whole month of May.

The “Kilom Kilom” event is made possible through the collective efforts of the Zamboanga del Norte National High School – Special Program in the Arts, Dipolog Dapitan Camera Club, Dipolog Community Rondalla, and 101st Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army. The other organizations who lend their intense support over the event are Ta Glibon Ini Lady Art Collective, Violeta Rosal ug  DepEd Teacher’s Choir, Zamboanga del Norte Press Club,  ZNFepa Foundation, Sta Cruzan and ZN History, Culture and Arts.

The “Kilom-Kilom” Dipolog Sunset Celebration is one of the concepts suggested by Dipolognon artist-photographer Armand Bengua Frasco as he was inspired by the nightly “Sunset Celebration” held at Florida, USA.

Source: CIO                                         Transcribe by: Dipolog.com News Team

Photo Credits: bing.com


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