Dipolog City Rotunda: Beauty and Travel

By on February 11, 2014

Dipolog City Rotunda Beauty and Travel1There’s a place in Dipolog City that best symbolizes its openness to travellers, flexibility to all walks of life, and its beauty – the Dipolog City Rotunda. Inside the large, peach colored, three-layer pool stands mightily, three massive statues of golden brown men hoisting a huge plate; ultimately showing strength and unity within the three.

These men are also the key representations of the Subanen, Christian and Muslim. Yes, Dipolog City is an open home to these kinds of people, and proud to wave it anytime and anywhere. But that doesn't mean it’s closed to just these three, Dipolog is a kind and open-hearted city that gladly accepts people from all walks of life.

This circular symbol of connection, travel, beauty and possibilities gives way to three potential roads: one going to Dipolog, another to Dapitan, and the third leads to Turno then Polanco. It is not only a round structure in the middle of a road with three routes, it is the spot where vehicles and people from different origins going to different places intersect. This is the place where Dipolognons, Dapitanons, Polanqueñons, and even people beyond that walk pass or walk together, side by side heading to their destinations.Dipolog City Rotunda Beauty and Travel

People coming from airports, the pier, mountains, cities and other places also pass here just to get to the other side or to places far beyond. So it’s not surprising to see foreign people, city people, farm people, students, and so much more to be around this circle waiting for their bus, jeep, car or motorcycle to come pick them up and send them to an interesting ride to who-knows-where. This is also the place where these people from different places and different worlds interact respectfully with one another. Greetings come by here and there, waving or simple hellos, a smile or facial expressions, even hugs and goodbyes are found here. And for some, they manage to find familiar faces and get to catch up with them even if it’s only for a while.

It’s a combination of a fountain, grand statue and miniature yellow bell garden makes it all the more beautiful and interesting. It literally pops up, especially at night when bright colors highlight this beautiful masterpiece through and through. Its waters dance at times while the lights make sure it’s visible for all passersby to glance at its mass glory. Some even take time to pause and take pictures here. Many would agree that the three male statues carrying a large dish made from the same elements as them must have been very difficult to create seeing as they are huge, well-formed, symmetrical, heavy and well painted. This also proves how talented and hard-working the people here are.

It would be very difficult not to remember such a mesmerizing view even if it’s in the middle of a sea of vehicles. Nothing there can overshadow this bulky creation. Not even all the adorable flowers and well maintained green grass encircling it can outshine it. Young people, old people, natives, non-natives; they all truly acclaim this beautiful piece of art.

(sic) Gerr Marie Ladera                                                                                                                     Silliman University                                                                                                                                     Entrant, Dipolog.com Feature Writing                                                                                           Interesting Place in Dipolog category, College level

Photo Credits: en.wikigogo.org; dipologcity.com


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