Dipolog City to host National Triathlon Competition

By on April 16, 2014

The City Government of Dipolog, in partnership with the Triathlon Association of the Philippines and the Sugbu Triathlon, will stage the Dipolog Triathlon 101 on May 10 and May 11. The May 10 event will be for the Trikids Category for participants between ages of 8 and 15. All legs for the race (swim, run and bike) will be held at the Dipolog Boulevard at 7:00 o’clock in the morning.

On May 11, the Standard, Sprint and Relay events will be held at 7 am on the same venue. The swim and run legs will be held at the Dipolog Boulevard while the bike leg will start at the boulevard paving all the way to the national highway and ends at Dipolog Sports Center in Barangay Olingan. The Relay event has two categories, namely, the Open Category and Local category. The Local category is limited only to residents of Zamboanga del Norte.


The distances for the various events are as follows:

Trikids:                 Age             Swim          Bike             Run   

                           13-15            400 m         10 km            3 km

                          11-12             300 m          7.5 km          2 km

                           9-10              200 m          5 km            1 km

                           8 & under      100 m          2.5 km          500 m

Standard:                                1.5 km         40 km          10 km

Sprint:                                      750 m          20 km          5 km     

Relay (open)                            1.5 km         40 km          10 km

Relay (local)                            750 m          20 km           5 km

The registration fees are:

                                                   Standard     Sprint        Trikids           Relay

Early Bird (March 17 – 31)             P1,200        P1,200        P800           P1,000/pax

Regular (April 1 – 20)                    P1,500        P1,500        P1,000        P1,200/pax

Late (April 21 – May 6)                  P1,800        P1,800        P1,200        P1,500/pax

 Registration forms are now available at the City Tourism Office and City Information Office, at Dipolog City.


Source: CIO                                             Transcribed by Dipolog.com News Team

Photo Credit:  http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=112991244



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