Cogon Eco-Tourism Park: Eden in the Orchid City

By on February 3, 2014

eco-tourism-park-gateAre you weary of the annoying sound of traffic in the city? Tired and got bored of your busy life downtown? Catching a breath and always in a hurry day after day just to earn a living?

Here in Dipolog City, you can find a place where its simple origin develops into a progressive and innovative suburb. However, effectively linking different people that infused their customs and traditions until this present day and age.

Dipolognons take pride on its true-to-nature recreational spot– Cogon Eco-Tourism Park, lying along the national highway specifically located at Brgy. Cogon, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte. An exact sightseeing destination for every nature enthusiast. A combination of perfect and unique place for self-treatment and relaxation. A suitable site for family bondings, couple’s day out and friends’ hang out. Quite far from the city’s hustle and bustle of crowded areas and congested traffics.

The Eco-Park is but a 20 minute ride from the heart of the city. Going there is as easy as one, two, three. Less energy consumption needed and hassle-free, indeed. It requires no entrance fee at all making it an ideal place for nature lovers trying to squeeze in their tight budget while looking for a reasonable, clean, fun and adventure. owl-at-eco-tourism-park

To add the excitement, you can take joy wandering in every part and in every corner of the park. Get pleasure from taking pictures. Encounter some endangered bird species especially the domesticated Philippine Eagle. Feel free to play with several alluring animals like rabbits, monkeys, iguana and other families of lizards.

Moreover, try to undergo with unusual gone-for-the-weekend activity of ascending its lofty watch tower made up of steel that enables us to reach the peak and see the entire body of the wilderness. Fill in your brain with knowledge as you look over and get acquainted with all the scientific names of trees and animals around.

However, if all of that isn’t amusing enough for you, take a stride of about half a kilometer ahead of the tower and be hypnotized by a wide forestial ground. Meanwhile, you will witness a warmth spring fit for its tranquillity base environment. You can have it for yourself all day long as you desire. Forget all of your burdens and sink into the beautiful experience until sundown.

Cogon Eco Park, Subanen VillageAfter all the trekking, you might be taken on a rest but still perceive the cultural sensation of the park while resting on its tree houses that features the “boklogan”, a customized bamboo-made stage of the tribesmen— the Subanen. Subanens were the first occupants in Zamboanga Peninsula before Christian dominion.

Then, if you are one of the lucky guests, you would be able to testify how pure they keep ancient customs and traditions alive despite this modern day era. The way they act, communicate to people and perform rituals were handed down across several generations. Wearing their traditional  costume– “patadyong”, dancing with the distinct beat of the gong is a sight of behold. And right after the dancing, a commonly butchering of fowl or any white animals will follow, that serve as an offering to the God’s of nature.

At the end of the day, you may also realize that visiting at Cogon Eco-Tourism Park is worth tiring for. So what are you waiting for? Have a break, set a time and break a leg. Grab the opportunity and visit Eco-Tourism this holiday seasons.

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