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By on May 16, 2014

Call 911 or perhaps dial 166? You don’t do prank calls on this number. But if you really want to, go ahead. Have a chat with the Chief Police of PNP Dipolog. Don’t worry. Nobody has been arrested for prank calls. You’ll be the first, if ever. 

I wonder if there are many people who will call the PNP Dipolog headquarters nowadays, aside from the dear policemen’s family and relatives. Not because there are no crimes being committed in this city but mainly because of the several PNP outposts located just everywhere. These outposts are like wild mushrooms, they sprouted without much of a warning or “coming soon: PNP outpost!” tarpaulins anywhere. They just exist. (Of course there was construction phase. It ain’t magic) There’s one in Turno near the intersection. Going further, there’s another in Gulayon. One more near Rotonda, then another in Dicayas. That’s just four. There’s a lot more. Based on the statistical information presented by both private and public companies, crime rates in Dipolog seems to be just running along the same streak---not absolutely zero but also not relatively high. In fact, it’s reasonably low. Then why? What’s the need?

Safety. That’s what this is all about. This is one of the acts of the local city government to protect the well-being of every Dipolognons. It’s working though. With all the armed policemen everywhere, most of the people living in Dipolog feel protected and relieved. Prevention is truly better than cure. Rather than devoting much time and effort chasing after criminals on the loose, why not scare them off before they can even commit a crime? Discourage them. Make them think twice. Put Mr. Officer everywhere. And that’s what is happening in Dipolog.

Dipolog is said to be the gateway to western Mindanao. Mindanao has never been the best place to walk around with your guards down. It’s yet to put up a reputation of being actually safe. Yet, I say, because it is still in the process. Being located in Mindanao, it easily be dragged in the several troubling issues unfortunate cities and provinces are currently facing. There is a lot of armed forces outside the control of the government roaming around the Mindanao area recently. But such fear has yet to be cast upon Dipolognons. Why? See those blue and white little houses located almost anywhere? They are why. They keep the people safe. They keep the people away from harm. They fix the small problem so it won’t rip off and damage the entire Dipolog City.

There are a whole lot of wonderful things these police outposts have brought to Dipolog. They made the people aware of the law. They made the citizens responsible. They would sometimes aid in traffic too, if there’s any. The list goes on. But that’s the good thing about it. It continues to be valuable.

So go on. Call 166. Chat with our Chief of Police. And please tell them how grateful I am in behalf of all the people in Dipolog.


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